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Crystal Resistant Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate


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CRD Options: Crystal Resistant Broad Spectrum Distillate 

Our broad-spectrum distillate is one of our finest products. Our crystallization-proof product has zero fillers or cutting agents. It is a perfect solution for those looking for CBD health benefits. Usually, a crystal resistant CBD Distillate is an extract that does not crystallize. Also, it contains other well-known cannabinoids: CBC, CBN, and CBG. It can enrich your health in many ways. A third-party tested product, our Crystal Resistant Broad Spectrum Distillate is potent, pure, and valuable. It has no molds, heavy metals, insecticides, or residual solvents. Again it has little to no traces of THC, which makes it an ideal distillate for formulations.


Some Cannabinoids can slip back to their crystal forms when blended with a hemp extract or carrier oil. As a result, they are harder to use in a vape cartridge. Re-crystallization of CBD is not dangerous, but it can make a product unsightly and harder to vape. It can also make the use of vaping cartilages impossible. In efforts to solve this problem, companies are producing better versions of the product.

Unlike any regular CBD Distillate product, our distillate does not re-crystallize at all. Hence, it is easy to use in vaping cartilages and to add to other CBD formulations.

This is due to the high content of minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBT and CBE which are all cannabinoids which in their pure form won’t crystallize. This means that nothing else except cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes and fats are present in our distillate.

Reasons to choose our crystal resistant distillate

Besides being the most affordable product on the market, our CRD has a substantial level of CBD. It will therefore provide the intended therapeutic value of CBD. Our product does not re-crystallize and is always ready for use via a vape pen or cartilage. Above all, it has extra cannabinoids that can enhance your health without re-crystallizing and making vaping difficult. This fine interplay between a specific set of cannabinoids provides the well sought entourage effects in different areas.


In addition to offering the highest quality Crystal Resistant Broad Spectrum Distillate, we offer labeling, bottling, testing & certification, and drop shipping services. So, get in touch with our customer care department for more details on this!

Final Cannabinoid Composition
CBD 37,40%
CBG 1,95%
CBDV 0,800%
CBC 9,27%
CBN 5,16%
CBL 0,651%
CBT 5,58%
CBE 3,81%
Total CC 64,62%

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