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Cannabidiol Full Spectrum Paste Oil – 20% CBD


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This full-spectrum hemp paste is a full-spectrum cannabinoid extract which is the result that comes out of the first phase of the extraction process. Therefore it’s also called crude oil. Winterisation is the next step. It is a pure cannabinoid extract which also contains all the waxes, acids and polyphenols. Because of this it also contains chlorophyll which is the case for its dark colour and bitter taste. This extract can be processed into a sublingual oil by using a carrier oil such as MCT, Hempseed, grapeseed etc.

Benefits of full spectrum paste oil 

Full-spectrum paste oil consists of all the natural plant components present in the cannabis plant including cannabinoids, acids and terpenes. It is extremely powerful and is more potent than sole cannabidiol.

Full-spectrum paste oil has numerous health benefits to offer. The synergistic effect also called entourage effect are better with full-spectrum CBD when compared to isolates. This makes it effective in healing conditions associated with inflammation.

CBD paste oil can be used for treating numerous diseases and health conditions. It is beneficial for treating skin diseases, inflammation of spasms, rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, glaucoma, and mental disorders.

Leading manufacturer of full spectrum paste oil 

We provide bulk and wholesale quantities of full-spectrum paste oil. You can use it to formulate unique products that differentiate you from your competitors. We can also manage the process of your behalf. We will formulate unique CBD products with full-spectrum paste oil such as topicals, edibles and bottle them as per your requirements. We also provide a certificate of analysis on all the products that we develop.

If you desire CBD based products then please also have a look at our Edibles, Drinks, Creams. The additional services we offer in combination with the Full spectrum hemp oil are:

  • Testing & Certification
  • Bottling
  • Labeling
  • (Blind) Drop shipping
  • Custom Combination
Final Cannabinoid Composition
CBD 20.00%
CBG 0.16%
THCV 0.30%
CBDV 1.24%
CBC 0.00%
THC 0.10%


Total CC 21.78%

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Estimated Time of Departure: 5 Business Days


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